"Untitled (JG/AF-4)" (detail) 1988 by Jack Goldstein


Many of the objects in the museum's permanent collection invite inquiry and discussion and encourage critical thinking. Consequently, the Museum can be a wonderful resource for USU faculty and staff who are searching for new ways to present their curriculum, regardless of their discipline. To request a tour in connection with your class, please fill out the USU Tour Request Form and contact Nadra Haffar, Education Curator at 435-797-0165.

Requests concerning recurring visits (e.g. USU 1330, 3330) should be directed to Andrea DeHaan, Administrative Coordinator, at 435-797-7239 or andrea.dehaan@usu.edu.

Previous tours in connection with the English Department at Utah State University have included:

ENGL 1010: Introduction to Academic Writing

Personal Narrative  Students learn how to use objects to spark personal stories. Emphases include: using rich descriptions; writing about common, unique experiences vs. sensational experiences and "risking the personal." 

Visual Rhetoric  Students analyze art objects through the lens of visual rhetoric and learn how to apply visual rhetoric to their own writing by "showing" rather than "telling."

Review  Students view artworks and discuss their gut reactions. Then, students move through their initial judgments to define their criteria and evidence for what type of art interests (or does not interest) them.

ENGL 2010: Intermediate Writing

Object Essay  Students work on object-based personal narratives rooted in the creative nonfiction genre. Students view examples of art objects and the narratives they have inspired in other students, instructors, faculty, etc. Emphases include: how to include research in personal narrative; how to find connections with objects; how to move from the personal to the universal.