"Add This to Rhetoric" (detail) 2008 by Takako Yamaguchi


The collection of the Kathryn C. Wanlass Foundation is focused on modern and contemporary artists in the western U.S. and seeks to acquire artworks that offer new twists on the story of twentieth-century, and twenty first-century, American art. The core of the collection explores certain art styles including mid-twentieth-century photography, conceptual art, ephemeral art, contemporary American sculpture, and geometric abstraction. This collection also has unique examples of art and technology hybrids including computer-programmed drawings, sound art, and mechanized sculpture. The Wanlass Foundation helps the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art focus on works made after the 1920s, creating a continually growing collection that's becoming one of the most important repositories of modern and contemporary art made in the western U.S.