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Name Title Email
Lee Koven, Katie Executive Director & Chief Curator
DeHaan, Andrea Administrative Coordinator
Dalton, Adriane Assistant Curator & Manager of Exhibitions
Dunham, Rebecca Curator of Collections and Exhibitions
Haffar, Nadra E. Education Curator
Arredondo, Zaira Arts Access Education Coordinator
Allen, Casey T. Registrar | Web Manager
Rounds, Adam Business Manager
Scheer, PhD, Christopher Adjunct Curator, Museum & Music Series
Hall, Anndee Museum Intern | USU Student
Joyner, Tell Museum Intern | USU Student
Joseph, Pesina Museum Intern | USU Student
Kettinger, Mikey Museum Attendant | USU Student
Metcalf, Sydney Museum Attendant | USU Student
Whitmore, Katie Museum Attendant | USU Student
York, Shelby Museum Attendant | USU Student